The LEGO Tower of London

The first of the biggest and best LEGO builds ever is the LEGO Tower of London. This impressive build was created by a team of expert LEGO builders and took over 10,000 hours to complete. The tower is made up of over half a million bricks and stands at an impressive 10 feet tall. The attention to detail on this build is truly incredible, with tiny LEGO guards standing watch at the towers, and even a LEGO raven perched on the roof. Visitors to the tower can explore the different levels and see the many different rooms and chambers that make up this iconic building.

The tower’s creator, who is a history enthusiast, took great care in ensuring that the tower was as historically accurate as possible. Every room and chamber in the tower has been recreated to match the real thing as closely as possible. The White Tower, which is the centerpiece of the LEGO Tower of London, is particularly impressive. With its tall walls and tiny arrow slits, it looks just like the real thing. The creator also added a replica of the Crown Jewels, which sits in the White Tower’s Jewel House, adding to the realism of the build.

The LEGO Tower of London is not just a static display, it’s also an interactive experience. Visitors can push buttons and levers to make different parts of the tower move and light up. They can also listen to an audio guide that tells the history of the tower and its many inhabitants over the centuries. It’s an experience that is sure to delight both children and adults alike.